Translation, Proofreading and Post-Editing of specialised texts from English and German into Greek. Up-to-date equipment and reliable CAT tools are used for a top quality translation result. Below is a list of specialisation fields as well as an indicative list of past projects:

IT Technology, Industry & Mechanical Engineering

Software Localization & Online Advertisement

Finance & Marketing


Medical equipment & Medical Documentation

Education & Certificates

CAT Tools and Equipment:

  • Microsoft Windows 7.0, Microsoft Office 2007
  • CAT Tools: SDL Trados-Studio 2021, MemoQ 2015, Transit NTX, De Ja Vux, Wordfast Pro, Across, Google Translator Toolkit (GTT), XBench, Idiom Worldserver Desktop Workbench, Microsoft Helium, Microsoft Loc Studio, ITP Filter Pack, etc.
  • Adobe Acrobat, ABBYY PDF Transformer, Babylon, Filezilla, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver
  • A wide variety of in-house general and specialised dictionaries, glossaries and databases
  • Reliable advice from experts on various fields of specialisation.

List of Past Projects

    Software Localization & Online Advertisement
    Help files, Microsoft windows, Multimedia Creator software, Search Machine Content

    IT Technology, Industry & Mechanical Engineering
    IFU for telecommunication devices, PC and PC accessories, cameras Translation of electronic magazine EFFECTOR, issues 502-520 ( Packaging machinery (Tetra Pak) Agricultural and Industrial Machinery (Komptech, GEA Westfalia, Rommelag Engineering) Air compressors, Photovoltaic equipment Olympic Games 2004 in Athens (Security Systems SAIC, Transportation Systems AT Kearney)

    Automotive Industry
    IFU for Toyota Auris, Prius Car Navigation System and Diagnostic Tools for Audi, Mercedes Benz Technical Documentation for Federal Mogul, Harley Davidson

    Radiological equipment, X-Ray Imaging Systems, microbiology & drug testing instruments, Ultrasound Cardiac Care - Cardiology equipment (Defibrillators, pulse oximeters), hypothermia and extracorporeal circulation devices, doctor's certificates, reports, spinal fusion surgery products

    Civil Engineering
    Architecture projects and studies, construction works and road paving works, invitations for Bidding Documents

    European Union
    Contracts, Memorandums of Association, patents, power of attorneys, trademark and copyright documentation, quality management systems, private agreements, public and private insurance documents, bidding documents

    Translation and proofreading of (non-) legislative reports, opinions, amendments, questions, petitions, technical documents and specifications Translator of European and Technical Texts related to Audiovisual Works and Policy, as well as compilation of glossaries with information technology and Multimedia terms, as part of a placement in MEDIA DESK HELLAS

    Marketing & Finance
    Marketing, Business & Hotel Management documents, financial reports Articles on
    a. Intelligent policy recommendations on enterprise resource planning by the use of agent technology and data mining techniques By Andreas L. Symeonidisa,b,*, Dionisis D. Kehagiasa,b, Pericles A. Mitkasa
    b. The complete database marketer second-generation strategies and techniques for tapping the power of your customer database by Arthur M. Hughes, Net Gain: Expanding Markets Through Virtual Communities by John Hagel III, Arthur G. Armstrong
    c. The new science of marketing: State-of-the-Art Tools for Anticipating and Tracking the Market Forces That Will Shape Υour Company's Future by Vithala R. Rao and Joel H. Steckel, etc.

    Books/Publications on Local Tradition
    "Cretan, Healthy Diet" by Stelios Riglis (ISBN 960-8386-27-6)
    Memory of Ashes II, from the Battle of Crete to the Concentration Camps of Austria and Germany by Penelope I. Doudoulakis (ISBN 960 - 86576 -7- 9)
    Memory of Ashes III, from the Battle of Crete to the Concentration Camps of Austria and Germany by Penelope I. Doudoulakis

    Game Industry
    Magic the Gathering Rulebook, Intralot gaming software, Games in Greek Social Network Site

    Archeology, Art and History of Art
    Japanese Ink Painting, articles and literature on Kunstwollen, documentation on monument preservation/restoratio


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